MRPC is a technology company that develops and delivers solutions for variable buoyancy control of vessels and floating units.

The company’s patented solutions are available in four products:

  • Variable vessel buoyancy
  • Anti-heeling system
  • Passive stabilization
  • Active stabilization

MRPC was founded in 2008, as an incubator company within Molde Kunnskapspark´s incubator.
The company is located in Molde on the northwest coast of Norway. This is one of the largest marine and offshore engineering clusters in Norway.

The major owners of MRPC are:

  • Ove Sporsheim, founder and CEO of the company
  • Kjell Ødegård, founder and co-Owner of Axtech AS
  • Richard Myhre, founder and co-Owner of Axtech AS
  • Molde Kunnskapspark – A regional business development company
  • Eirik Bergsvik
  • Eskil Hansen

Board members: