MRPC system in aquaculture vessels

MRPC has successfully entered the marked of service vessel for aquaculture industry. We have already installed our stability system on multiple vessels.

Innovator Award

Ove Sporsheim and MRPC Receive Innovator award (2013) for good entrepreneurship. Award issued by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Break - through for MRPC!

MRPC signed a contract with Vard for delivery of its patented advanced roll dampening system.

The system is installed on boar of Antarctic Endurance krill vessel for Aker BioMarine and insures the boat is kept stable in heavy seas. The vessel has a length of 130m and operates in Antarctic waters.

Pioneering service vessel

MRPC is proud to announce a contract with Salthammar Båtbyggeri AS regarding delivery of variable vessel buoyancy and anti–heeling product to build number 142, a CoastCat 25 design by Tomra Engineering AS.

MRPC Solutions


Anti-Heeling & Roll Dampening

Patented Solution


Tanks open to sea and the utilization of energy available in air pressure and vacuum, ensures much more efficient water ballast handling.


Utilizing the same system of air pressure and vacuum for U-Tank vessel design.


Utilizing the same system of air pressure and vacuum for U-Tank vessel design.

Anti-Heeling & Roll Dampening SSWT

Semi SUBMERSIBLE wind turbines

MRPC Anti-Heeling and Roll Dampening system is successfully applicable to semi submersible wind turbines.

In order to keep the optimum performance of the wind turbine its inclinations plays a big part of the equation.

Wind and waves affect the wind turbine inclination therefore affecting it’s performance.

MRPC anti-heeling and roll dampening solution keeps the wind turbine leveled, allowing it to perform at optimum conditions.

Variable vessel buoyancy control

Patented Solution


A special version of the MRPC system can be installed in order to increase maneuvering capability when approaching/ leaving quay.

The MRPC system can fill(and empty) dedicated tanks with seawater at a very high speed (as quick as 30 seconds, subject to equipment installed).

This will lower keel and avoid vessel being “taken by the wind” when approaching/leaving quay.

"I have experience of nearly 30 years on the bridge, as a navigator. Having used different systems in the past I now use the MRPC system at F/T Antarctic Endurance. It is absolutely the best and easiest anti-roll and trim system I have ever experienced. Antarctic Endurance is a fishing vessel operating in Antarctica, and we use MRPC system without any form of training. This shows how extremely easy this system is to operate. I would also say, with a 100% certainty, that this is the future for any new build with regards of moving weight and stop rolling"

Hans Jan Leithe
Captain Antarctic Endurance

"The ballast system is fantastic. It manages to move 140 tons of water in 85 seconds. Thus, the heeling is minimal, and stability is maintained during heavier operations. It is a technically simple system, but with an advanced management program"

Øystein Kjønhaug
Manager Abyss Aqua



The solution is based on open ballast tanks to sea in vertical direction, stretching over the sea water level, utilizing negative and positive pressure to work counter- phased towards waves.
High volume air compressors, working with low pressure and vacuum, manage volume in designated tanks. The active stabilization controller provides optimal filling in these tanks based on input from the ship´s movements.


of passive and active stabilization mode
The solution is patented in USA, Russia. Brazil, China, India, Korea and Norway and patent is pending in other areas and countries.

USA: 8,479,674 – Accepted
Norway: 20076308 – Accepted
Russia: 2010122729 – Accepted
Brazil: 0821169-8 – Accepted

China: 200880123976.0 – Accepted
India: 2035/KOLNP2010 – Accepted
Korea: 10-2010-7014925 – Accepted
EPO: 08858077.4. – Accepted


of passive and active stabilization mode

Simulation models at Ålesund University College have verified the solution. Calculations concluded a theoretical damping potential of 85%.
Further, a ship model trial, with weight displacement at 15.150 t, was performed at Stadt Towing Tank.
The trial included testing of roll and pitch, both active and controlled passive. The damping effect results are stated below:
- Active Roll: 79.8%
- Active Pitch: 44.4%
- Controlled passive damping has shown effect up to 36.9%


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About MRPC

Founded in 2008 withing Molde Kunnskapspark, the company is located in Molde, on the northwest coast of Norway. This is one of the largest marine and offshore engineering clusters in Norway. With extensive knowledge in the field and backed by a team of world class engineers, MRPC is in a position to provide innovative anti-heeling and roll dampening solutions. Already in work our system proves to be performing excellent.


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Project Manager
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