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Patented solutions for buoyancy control

Delivered by AXTech


MRPC Solutions

Large vessel with sabilization system that prevents heeling when performing heavy operations

Vessels & large ships

Our stabilization system benefits all floating units, keeping the heel to a minimum and dampening the roll. The innovative use of air pressure technology and control systems with advanced algorithms allows the system to compensate for load displacement immediately. 

SWATH or catamaran vessel with optimised performance under changing circumstances.

Passenger vessels

When lightweight SWATH and catamaran passenger vessels approach or leave the quay, they are affected by wind and weather. The MRPC system can fill and empty dedicated tanks with seawater at a very high speed, optimizing performance under changing circumstances. 

Illustration of wind turbine kept level by MRPC anti heeling system

Wind turbines

A wind turbine's inclinations play a big part in maintaining its performance. Dynamic studies have proven that the MRPC anti-heeling and roll-dampening solution effectively keeps the wind turbine level. This ensures optimal performance, higher production and a longer life span for the turbine. 


About MRPC

MRPC specializes in developing, manufacturing, and maintaining anti-heeling and buoyancy control systems for floating units.

Our innovative use of air pressure technology and control systems with advanced algorithms allows for energy-efficient, fast, and intuitive ballast handling.

MRPC's solutions are patented globally and have received awards for their effectiveness and innovation​. 

AXTech AS is majority owner, and carries out all technology development and project management.

“The MRPC system moves an impressive amount of water within seconds. The heeling is minimal, and stability is maintained during heavier operations."

Øystein Kjønhaug, Abyss

Meet the Team

The MRPC team consists of carfully selected, higly skilled engineers from AXTech. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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6416 Molde


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