Pioneering service vessel contract.

MRPC Contract
MRPC is proud to announce a contract with Salthammar Båtbyggeri AS regarding delivery of variable vessel buoyancy and anti–heeling product to build number 142, a CoastCat 25 design by Tomra Engineering AS.

The system will be delivered with four air/vacuumcompressors, each with a capacity of 1400 m3/h. During variable vessel buoyancy and anti–heeling mode, the system will be able to achieve a fluid capacity of5600 m3/h. This is almost four times the capacity of standard anti–heeling systems available on large subsea and construction vessels offshore, using standard pump technology as their primary and only solution.

The anti–heeling product is supplied to the ship owner, as a result of an IFU contract between MRPC, Salthammar Båtbyggeri AS and Innovation Norway. We are proud to provide this technology and solutions to the customer.

The pioneering service vessel is currently under construction, and is ordered by Abyss in Kristiansund.

The vessel is scheduled for delivery in January 2015.

The vessel is now delivered, and the customer is satisfied.

Aker Biomarine