Aker BioMarine

Break- through for MRPC!
Recently MRPC signed a contract with Vard for delivery of an advanced Roll damping system for a new krill vessel. Final client is Aker BioMarine.
For MRPC it is fantastic that we have companies like Aker BioMarine with people that have guts to test out new technology!

The vessel has a length of 130m and shall operate in Antarctic waters.


The (patented) MRPC system is the most advanced roll dampening system available. This system will provide much more stable conditions onboard. Both during sailing and standstill. The system can work in active modus, using compressed air, and in passive modus by utilize the vessel movements directly by air valve control.
The tank volume below the vessel water level varies the tank buoyancy and the volume above will apply load to the vessel.


Included in the delivery is also an advanced Anti-Heeling system, which utilize the same dedicated buoyancy tanks as for the Roll damping system.A set of high capacity air blowers are key items for providing required active stability and anti-roll function. Together with an advanced control system, using a MRU (Motion Reference Unit) as primary source for vessel motions, this is a unique system, which we believe will be a game changer when it comes to vessel stability systems in the future!


Aker BioMarine has many years of experience in heavy, cold and icy seawater conditions. They have been searching for the optimal solution for vessel stability system for a long time, and have now concluded that the MRPC system shall be implemented on this vessel.The vessel shall be a good, and as stable as possible, working place for many people. Aker BioMarine prioritize the HSE requirements as well as the comfort for the workers. This is important in all sorts of weather conditions. Aker BioMarine see the advantage in the MRPC system and want to increase the safety and make the total operation as smooth as possible.The MRPC components are placed in dedicated rooms/ compartments inside the vessel. None of the items is in direct contact with seawater or external environment.This makes the service and maintenance convenient and the risk of failure is small.

Aker Biomarine